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Resident Support Specialist Full-time

Purpose: The HERO Program Resident Support Specialist’s primary responsibility is to assist in the establishment and maintenance of a healthy and safe living environment for persons with co-occurring disorders. The Resident Support Specialist will provide active support and assistance in the HERO residence facility by maintaining standards and policies that uphold order in the treatment facility living units and that facilitate personal growth. 


Key Accountabilities:

·         Daily report of shift activities to staff.

·         Monitor clients health as needed, medication intake, record shift activities; assist and instruct participants in self-medication.

·         Abide by confidentiality standards.

·         Identify and complete tasks independently, effectively exercising discretion and judgment in areas of responsibility; use time and materials efficiently and effectively and meet required deadlines.

·         Demonstrate responsiveness to supervision, job performance evaluations and consultation, professional development and training.

·         Perform all duties in a professional manner and respect confidentiality.

·         Perform participant urine drug testing on an as needed basis.

·         Responsible for maintaining good order in HERO facility.

·         Carry out duty assignments and attend/participate in staff meetings

·         Hold floor/unit meetings as needed.

·         Problem solve with residents in a positive, caring manner

·         Respond to emergency situations efficiently and effectively

·         Foster an atmosphere/environment that is conducive to participant treatment goals

·         Encourage and support positive group activities within the facility and assist in the planning and implementation of weekend activities

·         Promote personal, social, and spiritual growth of participants

·         Act as a resource person, mediator, and peer counselor, while respecting boundaries and confidentiality

·         Serve as a role model to all participants through having concern and regard for others’ welfare.

Sunday - Thursday 2:30-11pm

$15.00 per hour



Position Requirements:


·         Standing – Periodically

·         Walking - Periodically

·         Kneeling –  Periodically

·         Pushing/Pulling– Periodically

·         Lifting up to 20 pounds – Periodically


·         Conduct self in a manner of professionalism that is conducive to recovery from mental illness, co-occurring disorders and overall wellness, including a minimum of one year of continuous sobriety if in recovery, from the substance for which you are in recovery.

·         Abide by all specific program and Agency procedures, policies, and requirements.

·         An authentic and honest employee plays a key role in the client’s recovery. Often, an employee will inadvertently become a role model for the client. That means the employee should conduct their personal and professional lives with honesty and integrity.