Job Application - Stephen Center, Inc.

Job Posting OPEN

Kitchen Manager

The Kitchen Manager is responsible for managing the day-to-day operation of Stephen Center’s kitchen, ensuring compliance with all national, state, and local laws and requirements, and maintaining a safe and healthy kitchen and food storage area, as well as meeting all nutritional guidelines.

Key Accountabilities:

    1. Planning of a nutritious and appealing menu.
    2. Assurance of a safe and healthy food handling.
    3. Day-to-day maintenance kitchen equipment and the assurance of appropriate food storage and handling.
    4. Responsible for the supervision of all kitchen employees and shall ensure quality and safety standards are met.
    5. Turn in Quarterly Food Service Inventories, Vending Inventories, and P&L spreadsheets
    6. Make sure HERO coffee area, ice bins, and coffee brewing area are clean and stocked with needed supplies and food.
    7. Maintain HERO and Shelter vending machines including filling machines, ordering and picking up products, maintenance and quarterly inventories.
    8. Conducts self in a manner of professionalism that is conducive to recovery from mental illness, co-occurring disorders and overall wellness, including a minimum of one year of continuous sobriety if in recovery, from the substance for which you are in recovery.
    9. Abides by all specific program and Agency procedures, policies, and requirements.
    10. An authentic and honest employee plays a key role in the client’s recovery. Often, an employee will inadvertently become a role model for the client. That means the employee should conduct their personal and professional lives with honesty and integrity.


Position Requirements:

2.      5+ years’ culinary experience

3.      2+ years’ restaurant management experience

4.      2+ years’ Accounting/budget experience

5. Ability to work well under pressure and in a fast-paced environment

6. Excellent written and oral communication skills

7. Ability to two way verbally communicate

8. Standing - the whole shift

9. Walking - Periodically

K  Kneeling –  Periodically

1  Pushing/Pulling– Periodically

1  Frequent Lifting – Up to 25 pounds